By hiring the East Hartford community centre I agree to the following:

         To ensure that fire exit doors are only opened in an emergency

         To ensure that all attendees remain inside the building during your event until they are collected by a parent or guardian.

         To ensure you have adequate Adult supervision if you are hosting a party for Children.
         To ensure rubbish is disposed of in the correct colour bin. Green bin = General rubbish, Blue bin = Recycling (no glass allowed)

        To keep any keys you may have for the building safe at all times and agree to return these keys promptly on end of your room hire agreement.

         To ensure that toilets are also checked and fully stocked before leaving and left tidy. 

         To report to the committee any damage that has happened in your time of use. You will be responsible for any cost that may occur for the damage. Cost of damages will be assessed by the committee.

         To ensure that all heating and lights are switched off before leaving the building to help us keep the running costs of the building as low as possible. Thermostat is located in the main hall behind the main door entrance.

         To ensure that the building is left secure on leaving. This means closing any windows or doors that may have been opened during your session.

         To leave the building clean and tidy for the next user. This includes emptying any bins that may have been used and ensuring that any debris on the floor is hoovered up. Bin liners, hoover, mop and bucket are located in the cleaning cupboard next to the front door. (key on the noticeboard next to kitchen which also opens cupboard with tables in next to book case)

The use of sellotape to hang decorations etc, is STRICTLY PROHIBITED, White Tac only may be used.

We reserve the right to cancel your booking with immediate effect if you do not adhere to the above conditions.

Scott Street, East Hartford Cramlington

United Kingdom NE23 3AP   (1160191)

01670 736353 

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